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Post by Elysium Kade on Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:18 pm

Elysium Kade/ 1000+ / Vampire  / Female
Elysium Kade is secretive woman, constantly lying about her age like any other mortal and immortal woman but more because of her only being around 100-200 years younger than the Originals. Her creator is Kol Mikaelson and despite him being so unpredictable, dark and mischievous, she's gentle and soft when you get to know her. She likes to stay hidden, her creator having forced onto her his powerful aura and it has imprinted onto her, sensing him every step she walks. She has a mean temper, her bloodlust being quite terrible at times because of it but other than that, she canbe cheeky, sarcastic and very protective over those she cares about.
Elysium doesn't really remember her childhood, her time before being a vampire but what she does know is that her father abused her. Kol saved her from that, giving her eternal life in exchange for her giving him her fathers body. She doesn't know why that deal was made, but it had and now Elysium has seen every inch of the world and desires to see more of it. She followed Niklaus around quite a lot, finding that he could be quite soft and persuasive and though she'd never admit it to Kol, she was frightened of him and his very strong personality. She'd shrink at his site, her non-beating heart desiring him far beyond the sire bond.

Elysium killed hundreds and thousands of people, loving the vampire life herself but knew she could never sire someone herself. The idea frightened her too much. When Niklaus found New Orleans, she decided to leave him and stay away from the Mikaelson family at least for a little bit as she felt extremely debted to all of them. She travelled the world, experiencing everything as much as she could before she heard the entire trouble between a now vampire Elena and Niklaus. Doppelgangers. She had hoped to escape all the doppelganger business but it always seemed to return, making her return to Mystic Falls in order to find out what truly is happening.

Not only that, Elysium had no idea where Kol actually was and usually, they kept in contact and found some way to talk even with hundreds of years gap in between the last but no one seemed to know, or no one seemed to care to tell her. It filled her with dread, scaring her as she lost someone she deeply cared about in a way she really shouldn't. .
Elysium has no recollection of who her parents are, only having known a blurred male face and the simple knowledge that it was her father constantly beating her to a pulp before leaving her to die. But every time she awoke again, she'd be forced to do chores and then the beating would start all over again. Rebekah had informed her that her mother was a witch, causing Kol's immediate fascination to know if Elysium was a half witch and turns out she was but when she was turned, her powers laid dormant. Having found out she was being abused, Kol offered to change her in exchange for her father's life. She gladly accepted and now thought of the Mikaelson family as her own. She deeply cares for Kol, wanting to truly be apart of the family via his love but knew it could not be returned.
Elysium would only consider the Mikaelson Family as friends, and any of their allies. She doesn't exactly have friends, preferring to stay hidden and not have to clear up her tracks in case someone figured out she wasn't ageing. She's fine with no friends and would honestly keep it that way, unless someone she knew she could trust fell in her lap.
Elysium has plenty of enemies as her simple association and connection to the Mikaelson family forced many of those in her path. Some she created herself, using her skill at blending extremely well to deceive and destroy people's lives in order to protect her loved ones. She'd be happy to do it all over again, if it meant the love she felt for this family was returned.
Elysium had once had a relationship with a human, in hopes to get rid of her affections for her creator but it failed, him having unfortunately died by her own hands and her feeling nothing. She isn't looking for love from anyone else, knowing that her affections are true and that their sire bond doesn't exactly help. Even if they hadn't seen each other in a very, very long time.

Elysium Kade
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Post by Admin Jules on Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:52 pm


Congratulations you have been accepted! If you haven't already done so check out the attached links

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