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Post by Kol Crowell on Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:31 pm

Kol 'Mikaelson' Crowell/ 17 (1000+) / Vampire  / Male
Kol is menacing, unpredictable, dangerous, wicked, cheeky, somewhat unreasonable and cocky to a fault. He can quickly go from being a respectful gentleman to direct and aggressive. When Kol is presented to Carol Lockwood, he greets her with dignity and charm, but when Damon Salvatore is introduced to Kol, he speaks to him very condescendingly. Kol patronizes his siblings often, challenging them with snark and contempt, especially Rebekah and Klaus, demonstrating his clear irreverence. He enjoys breaking the rules, and is naturally very defiant; Finn even aptly describes him as being the wildest one in the family. Kol is also not short on ego, a fact Klaus has remarked on, and considers himself to be "handsome". Additionally, Kol comes across as a playboy and hedonist, seemingly taking great pleasure in his vampire nature. One of Kol's defining characteristics is his vindictiveness. Much like Klaus, Kol does not hesitate to get retribution on those who have caused him harm; plotting for decades against both Klaus and Rebekah for sleights that caused him pain. Kol does not forgive easily, though may pretend to further his goals of vengeance.

As a vampire, Kol finds child-like enjoyment in his acts of violence, sometimes comparing them to games like hide and seek and believing that there is always time for games when he is told to take a situation seriously. A sadistic facet to Kol's character has also been shown such as when he compelled an acting troupe to murder each other while performing Hamlet just for his own entertainment. This example also illustrates his dark sense of humor, resulting in Elijah to opine that his brother has a "vile imagination". Later, in 1914, Kol callously slaughtered half a church parish, including a young alter boy, just to kill one woman who's house he needed to be able to enter. Kol had no regrets about the massacre, happily going to a family dinner soon after.

However, part of Kol missed being a witch. He missed the power that magic had given him and to make up for it, he turned to violence and mayhem, embracing his vampire nature. Kol's longing for his magic drove him to spend a lot of time over the centuries with witches, teaching them his extensive knowledge of spells and magic. Having his witch colleagues use a distinct form of magic, they were able to create curse objects, allowing him to, in a way, wield magic while being a vampire. It was later revealed that Kol hated being a vampire due to the blood lust and heightened emotions, and preferred being a witch because he finally got to be himself.

Despite his flaws he is shown to truly care for his family. However, due to not being included in the "always and forever" pact made by Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah, Kol has always felt excluded and isolated from his siblings. His extremely violent and aggressive antics are a result of wanting attention from them. Once Marcel joined the family, Kol's jealousy and bitterness grew worse since Marcel seemed to take his spot in the family. When threatened by Rebekah, he was even shown to be ashamed of what his family had become, and was saddened that Elijah was so disgusted by their fighting. He also was upset by how quickly Rebekah seemed to move on from his death when he returned from the Other Side. He has also stated his appreciation of witches, holding them in high esteem. He seems closest to Rebekah and Klaus, though he has stated he views some of Klaus' actions as "horrors". He along with the rest of his siblings (excluding Finn) seemed to look up to Elijah, seeing him as the noble one. However, Kol's violent, reckless, and impulsive nature often clashed with his family, despite really caring for them beneath his vain personality.

Like Klaus, Kol has a sense of honor as he will not go back on his word, however, like his half-brother, he will always look for loopholes in the deals he makes. Despite being intelligent and calculating, he is known to draw unwanted attention to himself.
During the Middle Ages, Kol was born in a small village, now known as Mystic Falls. He lived with his family as a human, up until his younger brother, Henrik, was killed by werewolves. It was because of this tragedy that his mother, Esther (who is the Original Witch), and his father, Mikael, decided to take action to protect the rest of their family. Esther performed the Immortality Spell at Mikael's request. She then gave her children wine laced with Tatia's blood and then had Mikael kill their children. Later, Mikael forced them to feed on human blood, thus turning them into the Original Vampires. After the death of Esther, the various members of the Original Family all went different ways and it can be assumed that Kol made his way to Europe around this time.

Kol spent much time travelling on his own, often with witches, hoping to reclaim a connection to the magic that he had lost when he became a vampire. He spent time with witches in Africa in the 14th century, Haiti in the 17th century. During his time in Africa, Kol learned about medicinal herbs and remedies from a shaman in Uganda. All the witches he traveled with told apocalyptic tales about the immortal Silas, and how he would bring about the end of time. In his travels, Kol came across a cult that worshiped Silas. Fearing that the stories he had been told might be true, Kol murdered the entire cult, prompting him to believe Silas would never rise. While in Arabia, Kol learned the practice of Kemiya, and became an expert in its craft, despite not being able to personally use it as a vampire.

In 1702, Kol's violence in Spain drew too much attention. This brought his father, Mikael, straight to the family, burning the country in his wake. While the flames drew closer and Mikael beheaded Klaus' horse, Elijah and Klaus searched for Kol while Rebekah brought the daggered Finn onboard a ship to flee from Europe. They found Kol in a tavern where he drank and feasted on humans carelessly. Despite their warnings of Mikael's impending arrival, Kol refused to flee, believing Mikael was only after Klaus and that they could just leave him and he'd be fine. When Klaus and Elijah insisted, Kol attempted to resist them but was subdued by Elijah, as Klaus pulled out a White Oak Ash Dagger. Kol struggled, panicked by the betrayal, and promised Klaus that a day would come when he would not be so easily subdued. He was then daggered, and neutralized. Kol remained daggered when the family fled Europe and traveled to the New World. It was shown that Kol was actually neutralized at the time of the Original's arrival in New Orleans. The coffin that held his daggered body was brought to shore and kept in the Original's home until the 1800s.

In 1821, after Elijah seemed to be taking Klaus' own young ward, Marcellus Gerard, under his wing, Klaus felt he needed someone to have fun with. He undaggered Kol against Elijah's wishes. Elijah rushed to Kol's coffin to find him awakened and already feeding without discretion on humans that Klaus had offered to him as an apology for daggering him. Kol and Klaus began causing trouble together, killing what was reported to be forty-six people in a building. Kol mused that the body count was probably at least sixty, saying that the reports had probably forgotten the victims in the attic. Later, Kol showed Marcellus the theater by compelling a large number of people to perform Hamlet. By using compulsion, Kol ensured that all of the murders within the story were actually enacted, resulting in the real deaths of the actors. Kol forced Marcellus to watch it until Elijah showed up to stop him.

Kol revealed that he was just training Marcellus on how to be a vampire, since he knew that Klaus eventually wanted Marcellus to transition. Kol revealed that he had already fed the boy his blood, and so he told Elijah that all he had to do was kill him. Furious, Elijah grabbed Kol and condemned him for his vile and sadistic imagination. Klaus intervened, telling Elijah to let Kol go. When Kol thanked Klaus, his half-brother daggered him yet again. Elijah stood over Kol's coffin, tidying up his body while apologizing for his daggering. He said that it was for Klaus' own benefit since Klaus needed Marcellus and it would be impossible for that relationship to blossom with Kol around, due to Kol's tendency to lash out and his "bad influence" over Klaus.

Kol was undaggered again in 1901, and lived in New Orleans with his siblings. Kol had a relationship with the witches in the city and despite the rumors that he would use them and discard them, he actually held them in high regard. A war began brewing between the witches that were allied with Kol and those who followed Klaus. Kol believed that if Klaus had his way, all the witches would be wiped out and the city would be overrun with vampires. Seeking to ensure the safety of the future generations of witches, Kol and his witches planned to get rid of Klaus and his witch followers. Using his extensive knowledge of magic, Kol taught his witches, Mary-Alice and Astrid, how to create dark objects using Kemiya, a type of magic he had learned in Arabia. Some of these objects include the Devil's Star, a rosary that would drive men to madness, shackles that would cut off a witches power and a bracelet that would force obedience. All of the dark objects were created so that Kol could utilize a form of magic without being a witch himself, and he planned to use them to scare both Klaus and the witches that followed him. Kol hoped that Mary-Alice and Astrid would grow experienced enough to create a dagger that would be able to work on Klaus, hiding their secret endeavors in a tomb in the Lafayette Cemetery.

Despite their efforts, his witches were unable to turn the silver dagger into gold so it would work on Klaus. Kol's impatience and desperation to dagger Klaus caused a rift between him and his followers. Kol revealed his brutal nature when he slaughtered half a church parish, despite the fact that his goal was only to kill one woman. He had reasoned that if she were dead, he would be able to enter her home to find a larger paragon diamond that they could use to channel more magic. Kol and his witch allies managed to break into the home and find the diamond. When Kol left, however, he was confronted by Klaus and Marcel. Klaus forced Kol to hand over the paragon diamond. Klaus then had one of his witches trap Mary-Alice and Astrid inside the mansion forever, much to Kol's shock.

Sometime around this point, Kol crossed paths with his older sister Freya Mikaelson, though he seemed to be unaware of who she was. Freya connected with him in hopes of being able to get a glimpse of her siblings, and it can be presumed that Kol intended to befriend her so that she might help him to create a dagger that would work on Klaus. Shortly after, at his family's Christmas party in 1914, Kol stepped out of the party to search for the paragon diamond, still intent on going through with his plan. Rebekah caught him rummaging through Klaus' things. Kol told her about his plan to create a dagger that would work on Klaus and Rebekah agreed to help him, telling him to get back to the party before his absence was noticed. It was then revealed that Kol had attended the party with his sister Freya, where she crossed paths with Rebekah for the first time, and they shared a toast to each other from across the room. The evening was at first progressing in Kol's favor. However, Rebekah had lied to Kol and had already told Klaus of his plan and desire to reclaim the diamond. During a family speech, Klaus revealed that he knew about Kol's plan. Kol, knowing his plan had been squashed, fled up the stairs but was stopped by Elijah. Elijah held Kol down as Klaus daggered him, neutralizing him for the next one hundred years.

When their father Mikael managed to track them down, in 1919, the Original family fled, and Kol's body was kept with Klaus for over 100 years until he was freed by Elijah waking up in Mystic Falls. After he had been undaggered by his brother Klaus again he had been moving around a lot and well had been exiled from Mystic Falls ten years to go only to return though in secret and has compelled a family to take him in for the time being. He has changed his last name to Crowell to not bring attention to his brothers and sister.

The family comes from 10th century Viking-era[1] Europe, from the Kingdom of Norway where a young witch named Esther and her sister Dahlia were captured by Viking raiders. They were the only survivors and were kept alive so Dahlia could aid them by using her witchcraft. Esther was allowed to live freely. She turned her back on her magical heritage to marry Mikael, a wealthy landowner and powerful Viking warrior. She and her sister Dahlia, who since childhood had been her best friend, had sworn an oath to protect each other always and forever. They used to hum the song of the starlings together. Dahlia was distraught that Esther would rather lay with their captors than escape with her, as she lived like a slave. Year later Esther discovers she is barren, and her desire for children ended in failure. Desperate, Esther turned for help to her sister. Dahlia performed the ritual at a high price, and Esther became fertile. She gave birth to a daughter named Freya, who was quickly followed by a boy named Finn. By the time they left the Old World for the New World, Esther was pregnant with their third child, a boy named Elijah. Mikael was a good husband and a doting father, who adored his children but especially loved his daughter Freya. However, during Esther's third pregnancy and while Mikael was away, Dahlia came to collect her price: the first child of the first generation, just as Esther had promised. She had also promised that she would give up every first child for every generation to come. Dahlia took Freya, and Esther lied to Mikael, telling him their daughter died of the plague and that she burned the body to stop its spread.

Not wanting to lose any other children to Dahlia, Mikael and Esther, along with Finn, unborn Elijah, and Esther's friend and mentor Ayana, left Europe for the Americas, where several Viking colonies already existed. There, they settled in a village on the location of the future town of Mystic Falls in Virginia. Their neighbours were powerful werewolf warriors, and they quickly became a part of the society. Mikael became a fierce warrior who helped the werewolves in battle while Ayana became the village healer and taught Esther how to use her magic. Esther quickly became a very powerful witch, even considered by some as being the most powerful of her time. However, the loss of Freya had badly hurt Mikael, and he grew distant from his wife. Eventually, Esther took a liking to the young werewolf leader of the village, Ansel. The two begun an affair, as Mikael still neglected Esther. Esther eventually became pregnant with Ansel's child; and, realizing what Mikael would do to them if he ever found out, she returned to her husband. When she gave birth to a third boy, Niklaus, it renewed his hope for a family. Three more children would be born to Mikael and Esther: two sons, Kol and Henrik, and a daughter, Rebekah. However, Mikael had become harsher as a result of Freya's loss. While he loved his children he wanted them to be fierce warriors, and his children came to fear him. To prevent Mikael from finding out her bastard son's nature, Esther gave Niklaus a cursed pendant, which weakened him and prevented him from triggering his curse. This led him to be viewed badly by Mikael, and he suffered the brunt of his violence. Esther also forbade Ansel from seeing their son; but the werewolf remained close, knowing that Niklaus would one day trigger his curse and need him. Despite Mikael's contempt for Niklaus, the family was a close one. When Niklaus was abused Esther taught him to hum a song, sung by the starlings she'd brought to the new world long ago, the song that her sister Dahlia and she used to hum.

However, the family's happiness came to an end when Niklaus and Henrik, fascinated by the werewolves, snuck out of the caves to see them turn on the full moon, which was forbidden by their village's laws. Henrik was killed by the turned wolves. Desperate to protect their remaining children but refusing to run again, Mikael and Esther planned to use magic to prevent them from being hurt. Esther called on the power of the sun and the ancient white oak tree to make her children stronger and immortal while also using the blood of a doppleganger to allow them to be reborn. Mikael and his five remaining children turned while Esther remained a witch. However, for every new strength, a weakness plagued them, and the worst of them was the terrible hunger for blood (as the thing that had made them vampires, it was the thing they craved above all else). They had become the first of the vampire. In their hunger, they massacred half of their village. When Niklaus made his first human kill, he triggered his werewolf curse, revealing his mother's infidelity. In his rage, Mikael slaughtered half the village before killing Ansel himself. He then forced his wife to suppress Niklaus's werewolf side by using the blood of the doppleganger. Furious at his mother's betrayal, Niklaus killed her and blamed his father for her death. Mikael fled from their village in his rage, followed by Finn and Kol. After burying their mother, Elijah, Niklaus, and Rebekah also left their hometown.

Despite originating in 10th century pre-Christianized Norway, most members of the family (all but Freya, Finn, Kol, and Henrik) carry non-Scandinavian names. The rest, apart from Niklaus, carry biblical Hebrew names: Mikael, Esther, Elijah, and Rebekah. The name Mikaelson, or any variants, would likely be anachronistic in 10th century Norway.

Kol currently has few friends due to his wild nature he can not find anyone who would be able to keep up with him. He is also concerned about taking on a friendship and wanting to kill them. He is however willing to try to have friends if they can stay with him from pulling back on them time after time.
Kol has many enemies though his family is his major currently they seem him too much of a risk to those who they care about so they exiled him not being able to dagger him again. He is also and enemy to the Salvatore brothers and their friends as well he tried to kill Elena and her friends.
Kol is currently not in a relationship and isn't seeking one though if the right person shows up then he will be willing to give it a try. Again the person he chooses will have to put up with him pulling back as he tries to live with the choices that he makes and hoping not to kill them in a blood lust.

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