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Post by Alex Fabiano on Sun Dec 04, 2016 3:53 pm

Alex Fabiano/ 16 / Human / Female
Alex is naturally quite intelligent and she has a natural talent for a lot of things (especially languages and maths), which means that she struggles to apply herself to the stuff that doesn't come easily. She also assumes that everyone else is as intelligent and well-informed as she is, so she has no patience with people she thinks are being idiots. She gets particularly frustrated when she runs up against people who are close-minded; she believes one should go into every debate ready to have one's mind changed by the arguments.
Alex is also emotionally damaged. Her dad is a passive aggressive narcissist, who needs her and her brother’s constant attention, when they are in the house. Her dad has also indoctrinated her into believing that she's selfish, so she's always looking out to check that she's not being selfish, and her mum had such high expectations of her that Alex is convinced that she's a failure, so has very low self-confidence. However, she comes across as very confident and loud, which is mainly faked courage, a deafness to social niceties and a loud voice. Paradoxically, due to her low self-esteem, she desires to hide in the background but her physical loudness and eagerness for debate make this an impossibility.
Alex was born in south-west London to Margaret, who was Scottish, and Chuck, who is from New Jersey. Her brother, Richard, was born two and a half years later. The family moved out of London to Swindon in Wiltshire a week before Richard’s fifth birthday. When Alex was 11, her mum announced that she was divorcing their dad and Alex’s fairy-tale life was turned upside down and ripped apart. As she and her brother were home-educated and so the ease of getting to school didn't need to be considered, the settlement was for the two kids to spend half the week with one parent and the other half with the other. That arrangement lasted for about a year until Chuck’s firm asked him to move to Virginia. Despite their American citizenship, a Swindon family law judge ruled that Alex and Richard were British and it would be unduly hard on them, so they were to live with their mother and their father would have visitation rights.
The September Alex was 13 was an important watershed in her life; that was the month her father was offered the job in Virginia, it was the month her exchange sister arrived from Germany and it was also when the home-ed team began competing in the FIRST LEGO League, a robotics competition. The following February, she and her exchange sister travelled to the other girl’s home in southern Germany and, in the April, the robotics team competed in the world championship in the Netherlands. Alex came back able to speak German fluently but eager to improve her grammar, so she and her mum enrolled on a course with the Open University that started in the October. She passed that and, the following October, moved onto a level two English linguistics course with an eye to getting a degree in German and Spanish. In the April Alex turned 16, the robotics team in their third year of competition went to the world championship in Tokyo. Three months later, she took her linguistics exam in which she only just scraped a pass, despite having received a merit for all the essays. It was later that month that her mum and god-mother were killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, who has yet to be convicted but is only charged with dangerous driving, not manslaughter.
Chuck was notified of Margaret’s death by the police as he was Richard’s next-of-kin. At 16, Alex is legally old enough to live alone in the UK but she wasn't going to leave her brother to deal with their father on his own. So, when Chuck insisted that they pack up and move to Virginia with him, she protested forcefully but eventually gave in. With their dad leaving for work at 5am and getting back at 3pm and not trusting them, Alex and Richard have been forced to enrol at Mystic Falls High School.
Richard “Rick”/”Rike” Fabiano, 14, brother: Rick, who likes to be called ‘Rike’ but no-one ever does, it's Alex’s younger brother and he is as quiet and calm as his sister is loud and temperamental; he is the peace-maker of the family and will never hear anything bad against anyone; he was also part of the robotics team and thinks he would maybe like to study engineering at university; he is very indecisive, probably because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by expressing a view contrary to theirs.
Charles “Chuck” Fabiano, 53, dad: son of an Italian-American house-painter, Charlie, and French-American bank cashier, Mary; Chuck was the only one in his extended family to go to college, which he did on a US Air Force scholarship; after graduating in engineering from Princeton, he served with the USAF on various bases around the world as a facilities manager; after 10 years, he demobbed to the UK and moved into the private sector; he now has oversight of the facilities departments of all the hospitals in Northern Virginia.
Michael Fabiano, 50, uncle: Chuck’s younger brother still lives in the suburban town in New Jersey where they grew up; he is a self-employed electrician; Alex hasn't seen him since she was 12.
Sally Johnson Fabiano, 49, aunt: Michael’s wife is a beautician, who had a nervous breakdown after discovering she couldn't have kids; Alex hasn't seen her since she was 12.
Charles “Charlie” Fabiano, 83, grandpa: the son of two Italian immigrants; he still lives in the bungalow he built for the family when Chuck was 2; Alex hasn't seen him since she was 12.
Katherine “Kat” Byers, 43, aunt: Margaret’s middle sister, who lives in Somerset and previously served in the British army; the army trained her to be an orthodontist, which is what she now does as a civilian; she served in both Northern Ireland and Iraq; Alex last saw her at her mum’s funeral.
Anne Byers, 41, aunt: Margaret’s youngest sister, who lives within half an hour of the Scottish village where the three girls grew up; she works for the local council as an architect; Alex hasn't seen her since she was 10.
Elizabeth MacTavish Byers, 66, grandma: a former civil servant, she used to work in the Shipping Office; long-retired, she keeps herself busy with church work and prolonged trips abroad; Alex last saw her at her mum’s funeral.
William Byers, 68, grandpa: he used to be an electrician for the NHS; long-retired, he doesn't have any hobbies but does enjoy the trips abroad; Alex last saw him at her mum’s funeral.
Alice Byers Bethune, 66, great-aunt: much more of a loving or doting grandmother type; Alex last saw her at her mum's funeral; Alice would have taken the kids to live with her if she could.
John Bethune, 71, great-uncle: also loves Alex and Richard like an extra pair of grandchildren; Alex last saw him at her mum's funeral.

Margaret Byers, mum: a full-blooded Scot, she grew up in central Scotland and then went to Aberdeen university to study computing; she was the only one of her sisters to go to university; she moved down to London upon graduating; after working for the council for a few years, she moved to working as a programmer and salesman for an international software company; she was killed in a car accident this summer.
Sarah Richards, god-mother: Margaret’s best friend and as good as a third parent to Alex and Richard; she was also killed in the car crash this summer.
Mary La Fleur Fabiano, grandma: the daughter of a French father and German mother; she worked in her brothers’ bank until she got married, whereupon she became a housewife; she died while Alex was in Germany (at 14) but she hadn't seen her since she was 12.
Alex has almost no actual friends of her own and none in Mystic Falls. There are many people she knows from Girls’ Brigade and football so she gets on with but aren't actual friends. Many of her friends were also friends of her mother or her brother.
Ruth Despencer, 17 (almost 18): Alex and Ruth met in Girls’ Brigade, shortly after Alex moved to Swindon; they have been good friends ever since, although it goes through patches when the eighteen months between them is a huge gulf.
The only enemy Alex has is her father and she wouldn't really think of him in those terms. She hates him and, specifically, hates what he's done to her and her brother in forcing them to move to Virginia but she wouldn't think of him under the title of ‘enemy’.
Alex has never been in a romantic relationship and has no intention of getting into one now. She is already looking ahead to when she can leave Mystic Falls behind and a romantic entanglement would just be another burden holding her back. She does have a tendency to develop crushes on people who are unavailable, whether that's because they're older, already in a relationship or fictional.

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Congratulations you have been accepted! If you haven't already done so check out the attached links

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