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Post by Laureth Hendrix on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:26 am

Laureth enjoyed organising and because of her connections within City Hall, she had been granted the job as the archivist which was quite possibly one of her favourite things. She could go in at any time, the flexibility being her favourite thing as it allowed her to do other things; having a farm to work on non-stop. She was sat on her office floor, surrounded by papers as now and again, she would take different years out and organise through them and simply read the history of Mystic Falls. It allowed her the chance to remove every little bit of supernatural evidence from those files, often keeping it for herself if she feels as though the information was important. She also would help people find what they required, the archive also being the library which was her sanctuary. "Who's there?" Laureth called out, hearing books being flicked through and she slowly stood, her hand resting on the gun that was in the waistband of her black skinny jeans.
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