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Alison Underwood ( WIP )

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Alison Underwood ( WIP )

Post by Alison Underwood on Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:24 pm

Alison Underwood / 18 (  330 ) / Vampire/ Female
Alison is in many cases considered to be vindictive and very sadistic. Which had often spurred from her feeling like she had everything taken from her when she was turned into a vampire. Making her often feel like she could of had a life, instead of living in fear and living a life filled with harming others. Leading Alison in many cases to have lost her humanity a long time ago. So truly she is very mean spirited and has a love for hurting others.

Aside from that Alison is very smart and knows how to do thing. In many cases one could call her a psychopath
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Alison Underwood
Alison Underwood

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