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Elizabeth Night

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Elizabeth Night Empty Elizabeth Night

Post by Elizabeth Night on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:52 pm

Elizabeth Night/ 17/ Werewolf / Female

Elizabeth is girl who tends to do things her own and her own ways, she barely asks help from people. She just doesn't trust anyone around her. She used to be very trusting and carefree but that all changes few years back. That's something rather she won't talk about. So now she seems to find it hard to trust people and gaining her trust isn't very easy thing to do for sure.
Well, she seems to use quite much of sarcasm too in her sentences. She doesn't wanna seem mean but it's just who she is. Also, she seems to always say what she thinks, she won't beat around the bushes for sure.  
She is quite brave one for sure. She likes to take risks in her life.

She did grow up in small town called Breckenridge. She lived tehre until she was 8 years old girl. After that she began to travel around the country. Her parents didn't seem to settle in after that ever again. So over years she barely began to make friends and didn't trust anyone since she knew she would have to move again soon. So her childhood wasn't really the best one after her eight birthday.

Years passed and one day when she was 15 she snapped on one girl, who began to bug her for very long time about things. She was very mean to her and made always fun of her. So one day she accidently killed her awhile she srangeled her. So it's when she realised that she is actually werewolf, well has the genes in her. After that  her life wasn't the same anymore. She wasn't different person.

Well now two years later after that accident she is here in Mystic Falls with her parents, with who she isn't close at her. She have decided it's the last time she moves away. Because she knows she needs to stop moving around if  she wants to have normal life. If she wants to become someone who can trust people. So she will try to convince her parents let her stay here now.

Well there isn't really much to say about her family. She has mother named Amanda Night, who is more interersted in fashion than her daughter. She is fashion desinger on the move, like she calls herself. Her father is Oliver Night, who is business man and well always travels a lot too. Both are currently 33 years old. So yes they had Elizabeth actually when they were teenagers but they did stick to together. At first they were great parents but one day it all changed. Liz doesn't know nothing about her other family members. Her grandparents disowned her parents when they had her. So no connections with them. Seems like her parents had no siblings.

This is something she would like to have actually but have decided not do. Mostly because she hates getting hurt by living them behind. But she wants to changes it this time.

Well she sure has some old enemies in her life. With who she haven't talked for years. Also she can for sure make some here too.

Well this is part what she has no expierences yet. She barely did let anyone that close after living people for so many times. There has been crushes on people but nothing major. But it's about time it changeses.

Elizabeth Night
Elizabeth Night

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Elizabeth Night Empty Re: Elizabeth Night

Post by Admin Jules on Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:53 pm


Congratulations you have been accepted! If you haven't already done so check out the attached links

created by &gin in a jigger- at shadowplay and shine.
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