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Bonnie Bennett (WIP)

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Bonnie Bennett (WIP) Empty Bonnie Bennett (WIP)

Post by Bonnie Bennett on Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:48 am

Bonnie Bennett/ 24 / Witch / Female

She is young woman who is most of times friendly and kind. She is always there for her friends and close people. She always tries to help everyone who she cares about, even if when it can harm herself. Over years she have became quite brave and is alwaya willing to take risks in her life even if these doesn't end good.

Bonnie did mostly grow up with her grandma.

(Minimum one paragraph on family)

She have made herself quite many friends over years but Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert have always been her best friends for sure.

Her enemies are these people who harm her or her friends. Or have done something terrible to people who she cares about.

She haven't really dated with many people.

Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie Bennett

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